In-school Tennis Program

Tennisline is a leading international tennis academy established in Europe with 20+ years of expertise in providing tennis lessons for kids under age of 10 based on ITF International Tennis Federation official program called “Tennis10s”. Tennisline is trusted and well-established multinational brand with a team of qualified foreign coaches who have an extensive international coaching experience. 

Tennisline in partnership with premier international schools in Singapore has launched “In-school” mini tennis program specifically designed for introducing tennis to kids using smaller court, smaller rackets and slower balls in fun and friendly environment. Our lessons are 45mins long and full of fun & excitement, in a circuit type games sense format, involving a great variety of drills to maximize enjoyment and involvement in the lesson with focus on fundamental and perceptual motor skills (FPMS). It is a fun way to start tennis and makes it easy for kids to play the game, develop good technique and a love for the sport. At the end of the term each player will receive a diploma and individual progress report. Moreover, we have prepared for each player a welcome pack consisting of bag, t-shirt, hat, water bottle, coloring book, colors pencils and stickers of our tennis characters!